Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long Overdue Update!

RIGHT before our little baby girl joined our family! I was SO excited (can't you tell?!)

Gwyneth Rae joined our family February 7, 2008. She was 9 pounds even, and 21 inches long! (Thank goodness she was c-section!!) She was a scheduled C-section, so her delivery was pretty laid back and fun (i can't believe I just said that) But, really, in the realm of having babies, it REALLLY WAS! She was pretty jaundice, so she spent a few days in the special care nursery with the light over and under her with an IV, which is always pathetic for such a tiny little one, as some of you know! She went in on my 30th birthday, so that kind of bummed me out. While she was in the special care nursery, they found a heart murmur. They did an echo and a chest x-ray and it was a PDA and a PFO (for anyone who may know about these things). She didn't have any symptoms, so we came up and had a follow-up appointment with a pediatric cardiologist on the 25th. God closed the little holes by the time we had this appointment!! We were very thankful for that! Fast forward three months, and Here we are! She is now THREE MONTHS old, and she is a precious little girl. She is such an easy baby so far. She has slept 8-9 hours since she was about 2 or three weeks old (hallelujah!) and is just very sweet and pleasant all-around. Her brothers love her to pieces-so do mom and dad- and she is our little princess! I'll give a photo re-cap (very brief) of her first three months, and then I *PROMISE* to be more faithful in updating.

Our first picture of the two girls! (my drugs still haven't worn off here)

One month old

Two months (yes, that is a hair clip!)

Three months old
Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. She LOVES to be outside (good thing!)

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