Friday, May 30, 2008

Family Fun

Yesterday when Haydn had ball practice, I told the guys that I was going to go home to make supper for us. HA! If only they knew what I was really up to! I made a birthday cake for Haydn (he chose carmel!) and ordered pizza from Chuffers in Ohio City, since they are the only ones around here who have Ham & Pineapple on their pizza. This happens to be Haydn's absolute personal favorite! I packed a picnic box and the stroller and waited for them to come home. When they pulled in, I told them to get into the van for a surprise. I drove them to Ohio City, and we had a little birthday party for Haydn in the shelter house and then played at the park forever!

I had to take this cake-y picture of Hutch

Of course, Haydn wanted one too. His cake is coming out of his teeth. yum!
I guess the "icing on the cake" was that Haydn's friend best friend from church was at the park playing, so they got to play together. They were born less than 2 weeks apart, so they've grown up together!
While Haydn was off playing, I decided to follow Hutch around and pester him with some pictures! He's totally into the fake cheesy smile.
This was SO cute. Hutch was playing with some little girl who had an upside down tiara, angel wings, and a big fake jeweled necklace on. What made it even more adorable was the fact that she was just as dirty as Hutch!

See the wings?!!
Hutch pretending to throw stones.

Of course, we have to get one of the little one with daddy.
Here are a few more of Gwyneth from the past few days. She hasn't been the happiest little girl lately. I think she's working on a few teeth.

I put her hair up in two clips. John said she looked like a little ant with antennae!! How cute!

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