Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Birthday Bash

Haydn chose a patriotic theme with soldiers for his birthday this year.
I thought it was very fitting for Memorial Day!
Grandma Shirley decorated the cake, and it was fabulous!!!
A closer look at the cake. It had soldiers and tanks on it. There were blueberries and strawberries around the bottom edge too. It's funny how we somehow incorporate blueberries into all of his birthday cakes somehow!!
The award for the Best Birthday Card goes to Aunt Amber! It's now hanging in his room.
Haydn has wanted a pinata for his birthday party since he was probably three years old. This year we decided that we'd get him one! They had stars with the American Flag on it! It was meant to be! The kids had a lot of fun, but I didn't get any photos of the kids actually hitting the pinata, because I was shooting video. Haydn went first, and then we had them go in age order. By the time we got to Tyler, it kept falling out of the tree, but not breaking! So we decided to pitch it (yes, you heard right!) to Jacob with a plastic bat. Finally, Caleb got a metal bat and candy went everywhere!!!! How funny.
The kids grabbing candy! We had to hold Jim back! (:
Memorial Day is typically when we have Haydn's Birthday Party. After the Memorial Day Services, all of our family comes over for burgers on the grill and a day of fun. I love having everyone over, but the only downside is that I am so busy "keeping things running" that I don't get to sit down and spend a lot of time with each person. The day was over and I thought, Hey! I didn't get to talk to so-and-so very much! Thanks to EVERYONE for pitching in and helping. Without you, we wouldn't have a party! It was great to see all of you!

If I haven't said it before, I'm an awful event picture taker. I get so wrapped up in doing things and watching my kids that I don't get many pictures snapped. After every birthday party I wish there were more pictures to capture the moments! No wait, one year I asked Amber to take pictures during the day, and I have a lot. I think that I'm going to start just passing my camera around to everyone and asking them to snap some pictures!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAYDN!!! You are a great kid, and we love you!

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