Thursday, May 22, 2008

Congratulations Haydn!!

Haydn is officially finished with Pre-K! Yesterday was his last day. He was very exicited to be free for the summer, but he is a little apprehensive about kindergarten! I forgot my camera when we picked him up (of course). So we arranged a photo date with his teachers today since they were working in their room. We had such a nice visit with them. His teachers were WONDERFUL! Mrs. Bollenbacher has such a sweet spirit, and she is so patient and kind with the children. She has such a calming presence about her, and Haydn just thinks she is great. This year was Mrs. Balliet's first year, and you certainly could not tell. She was very professional and had it together. Haydn told many stories about her, as she definitely opened up and shared with the students. He was constantly saying, "Mrs. Balliet has..." or "Mrs. Balliet told us that...." or "Mrs. Balliet thinks...." It was so exciting to see Haydn grow and mature over this school year, and we are so thankful that God gave him to us! I'm going to cherish this summer, because it will be so hard to not have home during the day in the fall~

Mrs. Balliet, Haydn and Mrs. Bollenbacher

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