Friday, April 9, 2010

L Photography

At the Lloyd's Easter, my cousin Logan (the crazy cat on the left) decided he'd like to try his hand at this crazy thing we call Photography. (the lovely lady with him is Becky, his girlfriend)
He started out with this basic photo.  A portrait of all of the lovely Lloyd girl cousins
[Lynette, Shelby, Tricia, Tammy, and Tiffany]
A very nice photograph, indeed.  But this was only the beginning of his creativity! 

I think he found his niche in Sports Photography, though, because he was a maniac.  Pure maniac!

He demonstrated his talent in Basketball Photography

(Very thorough) Cornhole Photography

and Volleyball Photography
(I know this doesn't look like volleyball, but Tammy is actually holding the tree out of the way *for* volleyball)

I mean, JUST LOOK at that action shot!!  (who is that volleyball-game-dominating-animal, anyway?!!!) 
[i think i was in the net]

a little serving shot

a Times-Bulletin worthy "blocking shot"

and quite possibly the *most* hilarious volleyball photo EVER.  I'm not kidding.  It's even funnier than the dominating volleyball monster above. 

Unfortunately, I was not granted permission by the "egg" to publish this photo.  So, this is all you get.  Sorry.

Logan mastered some pretty tough techniques in the short time he borrowed my camera

I mean, how hard is it to capture a ball in mid-air?!

and the aperture skills

Technicalities aside, he captured emotion..

Displayed artsi-ness

Great job, Logan.  I think I see a future in Photography.  I already have a name for your business!!


Mrs. Werts said...

You are such a BRAT!!! Love the egg:)

Ridenour Family said...

ha Tiff! I knew you'd appreciate that! (it was tammys idea-the whole easter egg thing! (: