Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Where has the time gone?!!
Here is a post for you packed with photos from this month!

John "riding" his old mini bike, the Italjet!!

John left for work one morning, and when he picked up his coffee mug some coffee had spilled.  I noticed *this* when I wiped it up. ~sigh~

Dad's new colt!

Haydn riding the Italjet!

Gwyneth riding her "BIKE!"  She *LOVES* motorcycles.  Great!

Hutch got rid of his training wheels and started riding this big rig in the same day, AND....
 he even rode the Italjet!  I put a stop to that, though!  Not yet! 

Haydn was surprised with an early birthday present!

Family picture by the lake
My three little sweeties!
Baby Faith
Working on the bike!
Kids at Easter @ Nancy's

Imagining the possibilities.  (yikes!)

We are so blessed!  I'll be updating more often.  Check back, please!!  We like visitors!

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The Evans Family said...

Lots of good pictures!! BUT - I'm cracking up that John is drinking a cup of coffee while riding that dirt bike(?) in the first one!!