Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elliott's Birthday Party

We had Elliott's birthday party this weekend- I can't believe that he is NINE!!  I was on a cruise when he was born (he was early)- and I didn't even know it until we got back into the airport!!!  I remember sitting in the Atlanta airport (pre-cell phones!!) calling home and mom telling me.  I remember not being able to WAIT to get home to see him! 

He has grown up to be quite the little farm boy! (:  He helped my mom make his birthday cake-which was very suiting!  There were even little cupcake farm animals!!  So clever!

Elliott, right after turning 5! Sooooo cute!!
(Kind of wierd that the picture is taken in almost EXACTLY the same spot in the yard at my parents' house!  That was totally not planned!!)

We love you, Elliott!  We're so glad we've got you!!

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