Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Concert

Haydn had his Spring Concert and Art Show last night at school. He insisted that he wore a suit (: and I think that he was the absolute most handsome little guy up there! The kids were all adorable, and their music teacher did a great job choosing songs that they loved. It was quite entertaining. Haydn loves to sing, and I think you can tell it here in this picture.

Showing off some of his artwork in his roomHaydn, Hutch, Gwyneth, Lainey, and Andrea (who was in the first grade part of the program)
Haydn and his teacher

Afterwards, my mom and dad and Lainey stopped in for a little while. Of course, Haydn had to change his shoes and the kids were off playing!

A family picture in front of our "road"!


The Evans Family said...

How do you even get to your house?!!!

Ridenour Family said...

haha!! Right now 118 dead ends at our driveway from the north! (behind us is where it stops-obviously) My mom and dad actually parked on the highway last night-not something that you get to do everyday!

Ridenour Family said...

ATVs do sound like a good idea right now, though! It's pretty annoying!