Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Service @ Venedocia

There is a great memorial which remembers those who served in various wars from the Venedocia area. We found John's grandpa, "Charles W. Price", as well as his great Grandpa's name. The grounds of the cemetery are gorgeous. We love to walk around and look at the beautiful landscaping and flowers, as well as visit my grandparents' and John's great-grandparents' graves (they are really close to each other)

Grandma Nancy and Gwyneth

I took a few pictures of my Dad & Mommostly because they matched-on purpose: my dad's doings (:


Mrs. Werts said...

What an awesome picture of Mom and Dad!!! I know I always call you a dork for carrying around your camera....but I am really glad you capture all of these wonderful memories on film. What a wonderful weekend. PS I love the picture of Haydo with the monument!! Love ya, Tiff

Steve, Ryanne, Kendall, and Luke said...

I didn't know that was John's grandpa. That's so neat! He's right by Grandpa Dave!

Ridenour Family said...

Tiff-Thanks! You made my day!

Ryanne-I didn't even think about that being your grandpa Dave! What a small world, huh?!