Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Boy and His Truck

John is building a truck. And when I say "building", I mean it! He took two different trucks (a huge grain truck and a little S10) and is making them one bad hot rod! He loves to spend time in his garage working on it. He totally loses track of time out there-seriously! I'd say it is definitely his best stress reliever.

Yesterday, he asked me to take some pictures of his progress, as he has his motor mounted! (I can't explain how excited I was that he *asked* for me to take pictures-what a beautiful day!!) He rolled it out of the garage, and I had some fun. He even cooperated and posed with it for a few. What a stud, if I do say so myself!

Can you tell it was a grain truck? It says, "Corn Shelled Grain Dried" ~Love it!

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