Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Birthday!

Monday was my birthday. John set my alarm so I could sleep in a little! When I woke up, I found the nicest card that John has ever gotten me. What he wrote inside was perfect! I went into the bathroom, this is what I saw on the mirror! John left Haydn a reminder! How sweet-what a great father/husband!!! (:
I got a phone call from my mom and my dad and then I was doing my normal around-the-house stuff, and thought, "Just another day", but wasn't going to let it get me down. I mean, every "normal" day for me is a blessing!!
About 10:00, my mom showed up! What a perfect surprise! She came with a Banana Caramel Latte from my favorite coffee shop in hand (and that's my favorite drink), a cheesecake for me, the sweetest card ever, and presents! Really cool, perfect-for-Tricia presents! A little later, my dad showed up too!! (it's a 20 min drive from their house). My parents are the best! They know how to make me feel special and loved. They always have! We had a great time hanging out together for a little bit.

Throughout the day, I got cards and phone calls from friends and family, and John called several times just to talk and see how my day was going! It was warm outside, for once!! John got off early, and we all went to Van Wert. I got my van washed FOR FREE!! My mom and dad took me out to eat at Panera Bread in Lima, even though my dad wanted me to choose Red Lobster! (this was WAY out of dad's comfort zone-The hog trough is more his style (a.k.a. Golden Corral)! haha My mom bought me a Panera Bread bagel for breakfast the next morning, and we decided to hit the mall for dessert at Cinnabon. Ahhhh-yummy! Plus, my dad bought a box of 6, so we got to take the extras home, too! Then we went to Old Navy and shopped around for a little while. The icing on the cake? My mom and dad had a horse colt at a little before midnight. They named him Tricia (Okay, just kidding. They named him Prince!) I love birthdays!

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