Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday Weekend Fun!

We celebrated Gwyneth's First Birthday this weekend with two parties. Friday night, my mom and I made about 100 cupcakes (in three flavors) for everyone, and one giant cupcake for Gwyneth! The Birthday GirlThe First Party was Saturday night at Nana and Papa's house. Here's everyone gathered around for the big first cake event! Sorry for so many pictures to come, but I have to share!
She just looked at everyone, and I helped her get a little taste. So she decided to get her hands dirty!Then she just grabbed the whole thing and stuck it in her mouthand put her face in it. At this point, everyone was laughing because it was so adorable! Then she just froze like this for a long time. She looked at everyone, frozen in this pose. We were all like, "huh?" and she burst out crying!!!! It was so adorable and sad all rolled into one! but she just kept eating cake!She sat there eating and crying for awhile. It was so cute!Finally, Nana started getting her out. Then she REALLY cried. We weren't sure if she was done, or if she was crying because she didn't want to quit! She is certainly a little woman! (;Sunday night, we had a party at our house with John's Family. We had a wonderful time, and Gwyneth ate a cupcake (with no tears!!!!!) Maybe she isn't scarred for life!
Another milestone for Gwyneth was getting a "big girl" car seat! Wow! I can't believe she is out of her infant seat. She really likes it, I think. Gwyneth, we are so glad that God sent you to us to care for and raise. You bring such sugar and spice (and everything nice!) to our lives, and we love you more than you will ever be able to comprehend! Thank you for being you! We think you are wonderful!

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Pretty Organizer said...

Girl, that baby of yours is too cute! So glad to get your comment on my blog. I shop too much too! Not for fun stuff... just things like milk and laundry deter... etc. For sure I need to pile enough of those "needs" together to make the trip worthwhile.

Glad to see your cute family!