Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Night Cake

I made cupcakes for school, and had some extra batter that I didn't feel like making into cupcakes! (It was late!) It came out of the oven while the kids were in the bath. I took what icing we had left- although it didn't cover the cake, but hey, that's not the point, right?! It was our "good night snack"!

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Pretty Organizer said...

I want to come to your house at night! I could use a little midnight snack.. oh about EVERY NIGHT!

Had to laugh about the socks comments. Socks are the bane of laundry duty! You're right. Thought I'd share a couple of sock ideas that have been tossed my way. A girl I know sews snaps on her kids socks... the heavy duty kind. She snaps them together and launders them... they always stay matched. Her kids must loving snapping things... I don't think mine would follow through.

I buy 12 socks for each kid, label the bottom with their number BIG and do the laundry by kid. FOR THE MOST PART, I don't have sock matching issues. Okay, so a few of them get left in the back yard or the family room but... I always know what hamper to return them to because the # is on the bottom!

Thanks for your comments lady! It sounds like you and hubby divide duties well!