Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rehearsaling the Dress

John and Haydn had the Dress Rehearsal for Whit and Carolyn's wedding last Friday night. Hutch, Gwyneth and I went along for the ride!
Haydn, practicing 1. pillow holding 2. smile (Granny Sharon coached him on the smile for months!!)

The Dinner was at Bella's in Celina. YUMMY. This is Whit and Carolyn's "place", so they thought it would be perfect for this dinner. It was, let me tell you! Haydn, hamming it up
John-always the prankster. (here, I thought he broke his tooth out-it was just chocolate sauce all along!)

I'll spare you the picture of the DELICIOUS tiramisu that John and I shared. Yes, I actually took a picture of it. But I told you I'd spare you!

We left the night in great expectation for tomorrow!

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