Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ohio State Fair Horse Show

We headed to The Ohio State Fair for a couple of days to watch Papa and Nana show their Percheron horses. This is their second year showing them, and they did great! Here are some of the kids watching the show in their Legacy Farm Shirts. Even Camdyn had one on~ It was HARD to take pictures in the arena. It was so dark, so if I slowed the shutter speed down, my pictures were blurry since there was so much movement. Obviously, I'm an amateur!!
Here is Elizabeth (2nd from left) -it's dark, I knowElizabeth placed 3rd in her class.Sarah is their yearling. She placed 10th (i think) in hers. They also sold her at this fair. Mom, especially has mixed emotions, since she is her "baby". Mom actually delivered her by herself, and loves to kiss her nose (: Here's Gracie, their colt this year. She placed 2nd in her class. She is so cute-she whinnies all of the time!
I don't have a good picture of it, but Elizabeth and Gracie placed 1st place in the mare/colt class. Way to Go, Legacy Farm!
This is their entry in the 3 mare class. Sorry, Dad, I can't remember what you placed. Fifth?!We also took some non-horse related sights in as well. Mom and John and Tiff took the kids on the shuttle things. It was awful because they thought they had plenty of time to do a round trip before the next show. Yeah right. They got on, and dad called my cell phone telling us to come to the arena because they were getting ready to show. Whoops! They all ended up hopping off halfway and running to the arena-just in time!!
We adorned mom's glasses with this stray flower from the gorgeous hanging baskets.
The Butter Cow. I just don't get it.
Elliott just got his cast off (his growth plate wasn't broken-thank God!!) and his leg was pretty stiff. Camdyn shared his stroller.
Gwyneth was a doll the whole time.
The shows didn't excite her too much, though~
We're off to Indy next week for the National Show!

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