Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Here are some pictures of what's been going on the last few weeks!

Haydn possibly had a broken nose (which eventually turned into a really nasty swollen couple of black eyes!)
**He was trying to run across the room to do a headstand on the couch. Enough said.**

John wrapped up another season of Church Softball! This year he transitioned into a shortstop~ He loves to play, and we love to watch him. Here he is getting "walked"
Waiting on first to run

Gwyneth went swimming for the first time at Butch and Bobbie's pool. She was a crazy woman in the water. She kicked and acted like a natural. She kept trying to put her face into the water!

Their dog, Ziley, got hit by a car and had a splint on her leg. It was so sad!

Gwyneth hanging out in the lawn chair (with mommy close by-of course!)

Playing with Babe in the backyard. Haydn's getting her ready to take to the fair!

I was so proud of John-he trimmed her hooves himself.

Gwyneth and Camdyn napping together at "The New McDonalds" while all of the other Yayhoos went to check out the gigantic playland

(It's the talk of the town! ha)

We were so excited that Hutch got to attend VBS this year! Here the boys are during the closing program.

Camdyn checking out everything while we were tearing down!

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