Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life is a journey-not a destination

Whenever we travel, we try to enjoy the trip TO and FROM where you are going. There's no use (especially with three kids) in getting all hung up on getting there in a hurry! On the way down to Indy, we stopped in Muncie at a cool park-and played for awhile (we all did!) John decided that they built this playground before there were "safe" playgrounds-look how tall and dangerous this thing looks. I was scared to death! (yes, that tiny group of people up there is my family!)On the way home, we stopped at this place called the Tin Lizzy- it's a little diner/attraction out in the BOONIES! It is very nostalgic and somewhere your kids (and you) will always remember. They had a building with a bunch off weird little cars and stuff

Great food (okay, I was still waiting on my sandwich here)
an old train you can play on (out back) and tvs at each table with old movies on.

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