Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gratitude List

I just got home from an awesome Seminar in Crown Point Indiana, where Carol Kent was the speaker for the weekend. (if you don't know her story, click on the link and scroll down) Wow. She has such a story, and such faith in God. Wow. She spoke of her son's Gratitude List, and it reminded me that Chantal tagged me to come up with a "Thanksgiving Alphabet" listing what I am thankful for. Here goes:
before I start.. I must say I heart things like this! When we have Thanksgiving at our house, I force each person to name three things they're thankful for before I will let them eat. (;
Okay. The list.
A: An Almighty God
B: Brainstorming
C: Coffee-don't even get me started!
D: Driving aimlessly
E: Eating Family Dinners together-such a precious time. Something I always remember about my childhood, and something I hope my children remember about theirs.
F: Family-both my biological and church families
G: Gwyneth Rae Ridenour
H: Haydn Charles Ridenour & Hutch Warren Ridenour
I: Interesting Conversation
J: John. {sigh}
K: Kid Cuddle Time
L: Laughter
M: My Minivan-it's like a house on wheels (:
N: Nature
O: Outings- I love to explore with my family
P: Photography and also Paper-y Stuff
Q: Questions-It means they're learning (My teacher side showing)
R: "Real" people
S: Savior- My Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for me!
T: Teachers who "get" my children and appreciate their unique personalities
U: Unexplainable feelings
V: Vintage finds
W: Warm cozy houses
X: Xrays (it's what supports our family)
Y: Youthful spirits
Z: Zoo trips

Now, I get to tag! I tag Jackie, Paula and Lindsay! (and you, you non-bloggers. I tag you, too. Just list three things you're thankful for in the comments! PLEASE?!! I love this stuff!)
I'm excited to see what you've got to be thankful for!

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Heather said...

My top three...

1) Andrew- he's truly my best friend and I'm so thankful that EVERY day I'm even more aware of just how perfect he is for me. :)

2) Shaelynn- I never dreamed you could love a tiny bundle SO much! She has changed our lives and we're SO thankful God blessed us with her- I love her to PIECES!

3) The Lord- I don't even want to think about where I'd be without Him! What an awesome God we have!

Thanks for having us stop a minute and count our blessings!