Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Car Rainbow

Hutch thought it would be fun today to make a rainbow with Hot Wheels. So did I. So we made one. He was right. It was!

I had to get back to housework. I know. Sounds not fun. You were right. It wasn't.


He kept asking me which letters make which sounds. Like, "Mom. What makes this sound? "juh" "juh"?" I would tell him J and go back to my work.

I went in and saw this!

He decided to count each color of car. My favorite color spellings are AOJ for Orange, PRBL for purple, and YLO for yellow. I'd say he's definitely an 'emergent reader'!!


Heather said...

Trying so hard to sound out words!Just what we teachers like to see, huh? :)

Ridenour Family said...

Ha Heather! I'm glad someone else appreciates it! (: I think it's amazing to watch little ones learn to read!