Thursday, September 24, 2009

Football for Haydn

Haydn is playing football this year, also. He moved up to the next division! I was looking back through photos, and realized that this is his fourth year playing. Wow! Here are some pictures I found of his first game. He is so little! The first one is before it started. Elliott was on his team (on the right), and Eric and John coached (Eric in background)


He ran the ball the first game, and then was afraid to. He was scared of the "bad guys" chasing him. (too much Scooby Doo?!!) He begged John enough to PLEASE not make him run the ball, that John threw his hands up and said, okay. (He didn't want to scar the kid for life!) Haydn became a pro on "blocking" that year!!


The last game, Eric decided to trick Haydn into running the ball (I know..right?!) Elliott was the quarterback, and he was instructed to hand the ball to Haydn. When the play started, Elliott handed the ball to Haydn and Eric said, "run!" Haydn ran soooo fast down the field, and got a touchdown. Since then, he loves it!

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