Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Flag Football

Let the games begin! The boys' season started Saturday with simultaneous games! It was kind of disappointing, especially since it was Hutch's first game EVER, and I didn't feel like I could support him as much as I would have liked to, since we had to sit facing both games, and had to pay attention to two games at once! ): (Haydn, too, for that matter!)
John also got called out *right* before they started, so he missed their first games. BUT!! enough about the negatives, right?! Let's move on to the good stuff!
Haydn is playing in the 7-12 league. He had a great time out there! This is a big step up for him, and he hung right in there with the big guys, getting flags and gaining a few yards! (:


Hutch did a great job, too! He is playing in the 4-6 league. He is such a little guy on the field! He was very brave and did a great job running the ball, and sticking with the game-paying attention the whole time!
I just love to watch my boys play sports! They do such a wonderful job, have fun, and I love it that they always try their hardest. That's what we *always* stress to the boys in sports. I ask them after the game, "Did you have fun? Did you try your hardest? Then that's all that matters!"
My mom grabbed my camera, and snuck a picture of us right after the game.
I love this picture! It's so "my life"!


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Ridenour Family said...

The picture of the kids and me is *just* like my life. Definitely not perfect, but beautiful to me! (: