Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Preparing for a Little Girl!

I remember the night I found out that I was going to have Gwyneth. John had a softball game, and he pulled his hamstring. Hutch fell out of our back screen door, flipped over and cracked his head on the garage floor, and one of the kids spilled something all over my tenis shoes. I remember feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of it! ha
I remember everyone asking me if I wanted a girl, and I said I didn't really care. And. I really believe that I didn't. Whatever God blessed us with, if He chose to, would make me gleeful! But. I must admit that when the ultrasound tech said it was a girl ~I entered a whole new world!~ and I love it!!!!! The clothes are sooo cute (although, I must admit that I still love boys' clothes just as much). The biggest transformation in waiting for Gwyneth was painting the nursery from green stripes.... to PINK!!!!! You can see John's obvious distaste for this color here!! It did grow on him, and I do believe that he loves it now!
I just had to throw this in here-because being this HUGE, I was really ready for Gwyneth's arrival!! (can you tell there's a 9 pounder in there?!)

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