Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, Christmas Trees!

We have all of our trees up, and thought we'd share them.  We've been enjoying putting only the Christmas tree lights (plus a few lamps) and listening to Handel's Messiah a lot. (Okay, maybe I enjoy it a little more than the kids!)   They prefer Jewel, Josh Groban, Bing Crosby, and Mariah Carey (OF course!) a little more.   
Anyway... I've gotten pretty much all of our gifts bought.  I'm loving online shopping this year.  You'll have some dude drop it off at my doorstep for 97cents? Yes, please!
I'm getting off track here.  Without further adeau (a deu? adieau?  adoo? adeaux?)
Our Trees..

The Living Room Tree 
All gold and silver

The Dining Room Tree
Our "Family Tree"
Red & Green and all our homemade/other ornaments
 I love this one.  Not that I don't love the others.  This one just has a special place in my heart because it a)reminds me of my tree growing up in the Lloyd household, and b) It is so fun to look back at the ornaments the kids have made so far and to see their little handprints making wreaths and what-have-you!

Gwyneth's Pink Tree
(really hard to take a picture of)

The boys' red tree
(even harder to take a good picture of!)

And there you have it!  I'm off to find something to use as a makeshift tree skirt...

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