Monday, February 8, 2010

Gwyneth's Birthday!

Gwyneth is TWO!!  Can you believe it?!!

We had a busy Birthday weekend-so much fun!  It was changed a little bit by the blizzard (: we had, but everything worked out!

Friday night, we had John's family over to our house.

The cake

Triple layer-one white, one pink, and one red with strawberry filling made by me.
I heard Hutch tell someone, "My mom didn't buy that cake from a bakery.  MY MOM made that cake!!" 
I had the cake sitting on the stove so Gywneth wouldn't get it.  Ha!!  She pushed a little chair up and was taste testing it-just a little.......or a lot!!

I made some cute decorations for her parties.  Some of them will go in her room when we're finished with them for parties.

Taking a spin on her new bike from Grandma Nancy

On Sunday, we had my family's party at Nana & Papa's house.  (it was supposed to be Saturday, but got rescheduled because of the weather)
My mom made her cakes.  W-O-W!!!!
She is amazing, if you didn't already know.  They were so incredibly cool, AND they tasted great!
Daddy with his Birthday Girl!

She wasn't sure what to think of her talking horse at first!!

Happy Birthday, Gwyneth!  You bring Sugar and Spice to our lives!  We love you!!

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