Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun at B5

My "Besties" (that word just cracks me up) took me out for my birthday dinner.  I heart these girls (:
We had a great time together, and I always wish we had more time to spend together! 
Thanks Jackie, Ryanne and Lindsay!!! You made me feel so special!


Jerry, Chantal & The Girl Gang said...

Looks like fun Ladies! But I don't see any margarita's! ;) Is Lindsey ever gonna post another blog message? :)

Glad you can all still get together. I know how tough it is! I always told my "Besties" that we would always get it is few and far between! UGH! Keep it up!

The Evans Family said...

Ok, I give up...What the heck is B5??

Ridenour Family said...

Chantal, Lindsay said that she isn't-she doesn't have time ):

I am so thankful that I've still got them!

Jackie-look at our table number!! ha!

The Evans Family said...

That's funny stuff! How did I not notice the reflective "B5" until you pointed it out??