Thursday, October 27, 2011

More cake pops!

I just can’t resist these things!  Gwyneth and I made a bunch to take to preschool for her Halloween party.  It was so much fun, and we loved how they turned out!


We thought it would be fun to use a pumpkin as a holder.  We   just had to decorate it! DSC_0718

Gwyneth was so proud of our work, and excited to share with her friends!  We had fun making memories…and that is what it’s all about.


Kelly said...

Very cute! Love the pumpkin as holder. How random that I just happened to think of you today, and wish that you were fb ing or blogging and decided to check! So happy I did. Will you ever be rid of me? No seriously?

Ridenour Family said...

Hi Kelly! I just thought of you yesterday, and wondered if you will blog soon. Strange! I am not facebooking now. I decided to take a (indefinite?) break. It's pretty nice in a lot of ways, surprisingly! There are things I miss about it, but so far, I'm not turning back (:
ps. I don't ever want to be rid of you! Seriously! Let us know when you'll be around these parts next and if you have some free time we'd love to see you all!
Thanks for the kind words!

Kelly said...

Yeah me and fb have a love/hate relationship. I should blog again, I just felt really bad at it! We will be back there thanksgiving weekend. Do you have any time to get together then? Also send me an email sometime just so I can have your email addr to keep in touch! If it does not show up on blogger, use this one "kellylmmiller (at) aol (dot)com
Take care and tell Red that Mike said hi.