Friday, January 7, 2011

Saucer Busters

Hutch is guest posting on the blog today! (:
He specifically asked to post on "our blog", and dictated the text, set up each photo and asked pretty please!   Take it away, Hutch.

This is a trap for our dog, Rosebud.  A team is called the Saucer Busters. 

She thinks the dogs are playing a game

(see her thinking?)

and she tries to play

 and then there is a laundry basket

and then......

the dogs trap her!! 

Oh!  I think it's funny, but my mom thinks it's good.  The only thing that you need to set it up is dogs, a baby crib, a fan, a bird, and a dog toy that makes dog sounds.  The end.

Thanks, Hutch.  And, note that the trapping was theoretical.  No dogs were actually trapped in a laundry basket in the making of this post!!

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