Friday, May 21, 2010

My Little Eel and Guppy

The boys had their last swim lesson.... again!  I love to go and watch them.  It's fun to see them improve each session!

Haydn will be a Guppy again.  He's doing a great job, and was disappointed when he didn't pass.  We told him it's FINE!!  If he's having fun and trying his hardest, that is all that matters!

Working on his backstroke
He got to dive through a hula hoop!
Hutch passed Pike, and now will be an Eel! (: 
He floated!!!!!  (I missed it, almost.  This is when he's finishing)
It is SO HOT and HUMID in the pool.  Gwyneth obviously was not thrilled about hanging out and watching the boys!!  It will be her turn before we know it!

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