Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Tree

Yesterday was a long day for Hutch (and me) because he waited not so patiently ALL day long for Haydn to get home so they could decorate the tree. Throughout the day he would say, "Mom. Is it time to go get Haydn from school yet?" "Not yet, Hutch." Then he'd say, "Hmm. What is Haydn doing at school now? Is he eating snack yet?" (at preschool, Hutch eats snack at the end of the day) All day long this happened. I felt sorry for him, with the undecorated tree just sitting there, right in his face, reminding him of what he couldn't do! I felt sorry for me, with this little kid asking me the same question every five minutes all day long! (; When we finally got Haydn, (finally!) Gwyneth fell asleep, so I laid her down for her nap. (Hutch was shivering with excitement by this time)I put the garland on, helped the boys get all of the decorations out (all glass), pulled a chair over to the tree so they could reach the top branches, and laid down on the couch and took a little nap while they decorated it themselves! Crazy? Maybe! But I must say, I don't think it looked THAT bad-and there was only one bulb casualty (that happens when I decorate!). I may have switched some around while they weren't looking, and I may still be doing that today, but that's not the point, right?! Those boys did a great job, if I do say so myself! Maybe I'll never have to decorate my tree again! I'll just nap on the couch!

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The Evans Family said...

They DID do a great job! It looks very pretty!